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Wednesday, September 11

The end-semester 1

Assalamualaikum, and very go0d m0rning. :))
"The first thing I would like to say is ‘thank you. Thanks G0d for gives me chance in my life. Words just went out of my mind since I wrote on this blog.  and right n0w, I juz wanna t0 write my experience, regarding what I was doing in pharmaceutical lab in semester 1. Haha. it's gives me a l0t of information that I don't kn0w before.  I wrote a string of memories, anything I could think of and that I could potentially expand upon in a longer piece, and I did this early on.
As humans remain different in nature, so are their perceptions and response towards certain issues of their lives and well-being. So, making medicines is what wonderful experiences !. and the best time ever is visiting 4 hospitals. `~ Most of the time people that live with chronic illness use conventional medicine, which is taught to medical students in medical schools throughout the world and is based on science and clinical research and most treatments have scientific evidence of their effectiveness but others use alternative medicine. sem 1 is  typically nice one. huahaha. why I'm saying like that? because it's juz basic time, and this sem that we had to score and get many informati0ns.What would life be like without a fast-acting medicine that takes away the pain in a safe and positive way?.
and this is what I had done in pharmaceutical lab.^^


These're medicines that I had d0ne f0r this sem.

  for the first time.
and on 3 September, I went to 4 hospitals related to pharmaceutical care. The aims was to provide us to know much and better about pharmacy services, and they work in the hospital. huh! I'm really surprised that how's busy was them. >.<'' . However, I was fortunately able to see & learn from the how busy the pharmacist was. If patient're bringing in a scrip for a drug which is under the controlled substances act, there are a few more safety checks before they give patient the medicine. The most part that I was impressed is in oxytocin drug which they had to control safely.
and this part of hospital that I was visited.

Some of medicines that have been cut to use in system UOD.
medicines that have been class according to the type, group, alphabet.