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Thursday, February 7

J0urney in sl0w seas0n

First 0f all,let me get s0mething straight : this is a J0URNAL, not a diary. I kn0w what it says on the top 0f the blog right??,but when my friend went out to give an idea I SPECIFICALLY told her to get 0ne that didn't say "diary' on it..hiks
The others thing I want to clear up right away is that this was my friend's idea not mine.><'

It's been alm0st tw0 and a half weeks since me and my friends in PLKN , had 0ur big mem0ry which c0uld n0t L0ST in 0ur mem0ry. T0 be h0nest with y0u, I'm feeling lucky t0 be here actually....
that's why,,
 huh,,mmg pengalaman yg tak bleh dilupekn! ye lah sape yg x bleh lupe bkn main tak nak pergi lagi..last2 terpaksa pergi jgk drp ***** HAHA! kalau lh nk diceritakn pengalaman kt PLKN mmg pjg lebar pulak p0st nih..

PLKN kumpulan 1 siri 10/2013

this is my geng d0rm D !

g0! g0!brav0!!

I'm actually starting t0 get a little c0rcerned bc0z PLKN starts back up in a few days and if we're g0nna get this friendship back on track,,s0mething needs t0 happen quick.
N0w, that 0ur friendship is hist0ry..><'
I'm lo0king f0r new friends in PLKN. The pr0blem is, it's n0t easier f0r me t0 lo0ked up new friends actually, quite frankly I was not very friendly...hehe,,this is me!
It takes a few times, a few days t0 get "KAMCHIM"s0unds like t0 get cl0sed with 0ther people which we d0 not kn0w very well...hua3^^

thanks f0r visiting me friend :))

Talking about PLKN, I g0t many experience with my friends. BUT I figure this PLKN are very B0RED at the first time I'm c0ming. In JANUARY, I totally lucked 0ut.All this m0nth, the activity is studying in the classro0m like "TADIKA"...n0 matter h0w,,I feel enj0y thr0ugh0ut this activity.

Teacher t0ld us that we were g0ing back t0 class and that we were g0nna start taking classes a few times a week! bec0z we have nine m0dul t0 finished it.
I'm pretty sure they th0ught I was being sarcastic, but I was just trying t0 sh0w them I was paying attenti0n.

this m0dul aku bljr sepjg kt sne,,mcm mnde je buku byk~

f0r the last time :)
we g0nna fight & win f0r brav0!
HAHA! Then, s0me guys were saying this was like pris0n & pe0ple were talking ab0ut busting 0ut 0f there and g0ing h0me.Ever since,I've been trying t0 figure 0ut h0w t0 sneak fr0m the first time I'm c0ming.It was crazy right??? hua3

time t0 rest f0r a while bef0re training kawad :))

take a break ~

time training kawad :))

But there's 0ne thing I learned fr0m it. it's t0 set pe0ple expectati0ns real l0w s0 y0u end up surprising them by practically d0ing n0thing at all. hehe. jangan pandang kami sebelah mata..krn KAMI diam2 ubi berisi..hua3
The 0ther things I learned, first 0f all, teacher said we all have t0 "L0VE KAWAD" s0 it w0uld't hard f0r us t0 d0 acting part. Bak kata cikgu Tikah,,kita mesti b'cinta dgn kawad klu kita sume nk menang! hehe

But bef0re, we had pertandingan kawad,actually kat sne kami tlh adakn pilihan raya bagi merasakn suasana situasi sebenar pilihan raya.HAHA..mcm2 gelagat yg aq tgk mse pilihan raya ni adakn.Byk pegawai yg ad antranya pegawai SPR,p0lis,wartawan, yg blak0n jd pak cik, makcik,org mengandung,org gila p0m ad,,hahaha mmg lawak laa.. yg pling lawak KJ Nordin mana tak nye dia yg nk pgi undi last2,kene msuk penjara...katanya ic tak sama,hua3^^

actually rmai jgk yg b'tnding,and kt bwh antranyalh :))

I th0ught the p0ster idea was pretty go0d,,hua3
They loaded up 0n p0ster b0ard and markers and they spent the rest 0f the night making all their campaign stuff. S0 let's just h0pe these p0sters w0rk..

They started hanging their p0sters up as so0n as p0ssible ~

Then,,bef0re we had mlm kemuncak..we're divided int0 tw0 whateva laa
Tp yg pasti 1 kump. pgi kg.Ajil and 1 kump. lg pgi Tmn Tamadun Islam..and that was me!
I have been selected t0 go t0 TTI...

kami tunggu bas datang! :))

Keb0sanan sgt2 sebenarnya pgi sne..xde kje amal mne p0m kami ke sana..s0 ape lg geng2 kami just snapped ph0to aje keje..hihii ^^
I'm happy c0z all my friends are very2 sp0rting..

menembak di padang sasar

0n the way t0 wirajaya !
sbnr nye,byk pengalaman lg yg aq tak p0st kt cni,, he3
mls p0n ad c0z it w0uld be to0 l0ng f0r this p0st...sbb bef0re we had 0ur wirajaya we have a l0t 0f  activities like NAVIGASI, MENEMBAK, TALI TINGGI, TALI RENDAH, SWIMMING,,n s0 on...
dan pae yg penting kene alami sendiri. ngeh3 ~

k0mpeni terbaik BRAV0!! ~

 The p0int is this is a REAL malam SIMPULAN KASIH we're talking ab0ut..
Mlm kemuncak utk segala2nya,,penutuplh katakan,,tp tema kt cni sbnrnya mlm 60-an..haha
tp persembahan mcm2 ada..
But right bef0re dinner time, s0mething t0tally crazy happened..HAHA
I c0uldn't believe it..wh0a!!

haha!! tarian 60-an,tak t'kata apa aq tgk..isk ><
tarian zapin
tarian yg dipersembahkn 0leh cina
we had 0ur dinner time! :))

wif cg.Ayu

wif cg.Hasan
After that experience, I d0ubt I'll never t0 g0 t0 ------ again....
All I can say is this wh0le epis0de has g0t me seri0usly c0ncerned ab0ut the next generati0n in 0ur c0untry.
And disini lh aq b'jumpa many kind 0f pe0ple which we d0 not see bef0re dan aq belajar tntg org ramai..
actually,i'm getting scared t0 face it.. sblum msuk ke sini..
inilh tmpt b'mulanya sebelum aq m'jejakkn kaki ke menara gading.!

this is my new experience ~